Top 5 Websites To Get FREE Marketing For Your Wedding Business

Creating a successful wedding business requires one important thing to be a true success, clientele. While word of mouth can get you a few clients, marketing online can prove to be the best option for attracting new clients to your business. Spending a ton of money on marketing, for a newly established business isn't an option for most. When you can receive something for free, take full advantage of it. Obtaining new clients and spending nothing to get them to your business, is a win win situation for everyone. Check out these five websites for free marketing listed below.

Wedding Wire - Simply create a free account. Wedding wire offers resources, puts your business name out there, and helps boost your business to the next level. They also reach out to mobile clients, allow you to receive reviews, display photos and details of all your past events, and interact with clients.

Facebook- Facebook allows you to not only advertise your business, but create a business page, and interact with clients directly from your page. Include details of your business and immediately answer client questions. Facebook is the most popular social media network. There are millions of potential clients on there. You have the option of creating an ad for your business for a small fee. You can keep it completely free by sneaking your business page link in the comments on someone else's ad.

Wedding Vibe- Wedding Vibe allows you to create a free business listing and a link to your business' website.

Wedding Bee- While not a direct advertising site, many brides visit this site just to read the comments and get advice. This is a great site to show off your expertise and gain potential clients.

Twitter- Tweet away about your business. When someone does a search about that topic, your tweet may appear. This will bring loads of potential clients. Take full advantage of social networks they are great places to pick up potential clients.

Clients are needed for a successful business. Give the above free marketing websites a shot. You might be surprised at how well they will help grow your business.


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