How to Become a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is becoming as much a part of a wedding's success as the cake. More and more people are hiring wedding planners because they don't want the stress or headache of planning their own nuptials. Wedding planners are an ever growing career choice this day and age. Succeeding in this industry is not easy, but following these tips will get you off in the right direction.

First obtain your high school diploma or GED. You will eventually need a college degree to succeed in the wedding planner industry. You must finish high school first.

Second obtain a college degree. An associates or a bachelor's degree in marketing, public relations, hospitality management or communications are all great fields related to becoming a wedding planner.Continue reading…

How to Become a Wedding Photographer

Photography is a difficult industry in which one can make it big. Days of huge bulky equipment where faith and skill are gone. Digital technology allows that once in a lifetime shot a chance to be shot again if not up to par and editing with computer software to fix those not so perfect shots the norm. Many try this industry this day and age. Photographers especially wedding photographers, are not few and far between like they used to be. It is possible to succeed in this industry though, if you follow some simple tips.

First, you must learn the trade. To be a successful photographer, you must know what you're doing. Take some photography classes. These can be online or in a classroom. Either way, learn the trade.

Second, purchase the appropriate equipment. Photography classes or even other photographers can guide you in which equipment to buy. Don't go buying all the bells and whistles at once. Buy only what you know how to use. You can buy more advanced equipment later just buy enough to start your career.Continue reading…

Top 5 Websites To Get FREE Marketing For Your Wedding Business

Creating a successful wedding business requires one important thing to be a true success, clientele. While word of mouth can get you a few clients, marketing online can prove to be the best option for attracting new clients to your business. Spending a ton of money on marketing, for a newly established business isn't an option for most. When you can receive something for free, take full advantage of it. Obtaining new clients and spending nothing to get them to your business, is a win win situation for everyone. Check out these five websites for free marketing listed below.

Wedding Wire- Simply create a free account. Wedding wire offers resources, puts your business name out there, and helps boost your business to the next level. They also reach out to mobile clients, allow you to receive reviews, display photos and details of all your past events, and interact with clients.Continue reading…